8 of the Latest 2018 Wedding Cake Trends

Trends come and go, and we’re here to tell you what’s popular. If you’re looking for a new and exciting idea for your wedding cake, keep reading to find out if one of these new trends could be perfect for your wedding.

Wholesome Raw Cakes

A healthier spin on wedding cakes, raw cakes are one of the latest trends being loved by wedding attendants that want to enjoy dessert without the guilt of eating unhealthily. Made from organic, wholesome ingredients and sweetened with honey, coconut sugar or maple syrup, raw cakes can add that touch of nature you might be searching for. Topped with decorations such as edible flowers, fresh berries and crushed nuts, a raw cake is perfect for a couple looking for a delectable wedding cake without all the processed ingredients.

Illusion Cakes

For couples looking to surprise and engage their guests visually, the illusion cake is a new and innovative option. An illusion cake is a cake that takes on the appearance of something that doesn’t look like a cake. Alternatively, an illusion cake could be a traditional cake with an optical illusion created with a baker’s precision and the contrast between the cake and the frosting.

Flavours to Remember

How your cake tastes is just as important as how it looks. Choosing a combination of flavours that are a reflection of you as a couple is a good way to make your wedding more personal and memorable. A unique, non-traditional flavour is sure to leave your guests speechless and this broadens cake design to be less restricted by tradition.

Marbled Frosting

Wedding Cake bakers are really bringing innovation to the table, exceeding the classic buttercream frosting to bring exciting colours and textures to wedding cakes. Marbled frosting adds a unique touch of elegance to your cake and with countless ways to colour and shape them, it’s no surprise that the marble cake trend is rising in popularity.

Drip Frosting

Although being more aesthetic than functional, the drip frosting look is definitely still a trend to consider jumping on. It’s an innovative and fun way to add a splash of colour and flavour to your cake, suitable for those who have a minimalist approach but wanted that extra touch of decoration.

Natural Cakes

Natural beauty is a trend that people follow, so why not bring the trend to cakes as well. Adorning your wedding cake with foliage, luscious greenery and elegant flowers will enhances your cake without being too dramatic. This type of cake will also compliment any other flowers or greenery at the wedding like bridal accessories and table centrepieces.

Floral Cakes

Like the previous trend, botanical cakes add touches of nature to your wedding but are focused more on floral adornments and less on foliage and greenery. Whether or not they are real flowers added just for decoration or edible flowers for your guests to enjoy, these cakes suit fruity, fresh flavours to complete the nature inspired theme. It’s also very easy to coordinate the cake flowers with those used in your bridal accessories and centrepieces for those who like their attention to detail to be precise.

Individual Desserts

Instead of a lavish tiered wedding cake, an alternative is having small, individual cakes that are just as extravagant to serve your guests. These miniature wedding cakes will save you the effort of cutting a large cake and are just as versatile as traditional tiered cakes when it comes to design.

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