Now, if you have finally made up your mind to make cake pops but have searched everywhere for 8″ lollipop sticks or perhaps some edible gold shimmer spray to give your cake that bit of extra shimmer, then chances are you have been a let down. While Adelaide is home to many cake decoration stores, few carry just about everything you need. Even if you run into one, there is a good chance that you will not find everything.

Adelaide, unfortunately, unlike the rest of the world, namely the US, does not have huge stores dedicated to all things baking. However, there are places like Creative Cooks that have a store in Parafield and then another at Melrose Park. When they are big sales, the company opens up their Parafield warehouse to the public. Fortunately for baking fans, they have all manner of cookware, cooking supplies, and appliances in addition to their huge baking section. You’ll find lots of Wilton products and other decorations with just about every tool you’ll need for the craft.

We strongly recommend that you pick up things like caddies and stands, which makes displaying and then transporting anything you’ve made easier. However, if Parafield is too far away, and you think Creative Cooks is a little too pricy, there are other options, as we’ll examine in this article.

Complete Cake Decorating Supplies


Complete Cake has been the go-to cake decoration supply store for bakers in Adelaide for over 30 years. It serves Adelaide and the broader Australian public. The store originally started as a wholesaler but has since then expanded to include sales to the general public and various small businesses. In other words, if you’re baking a cake at home, they will sell it to you. It also means that they have just about everything you’ll need to bake and decorate the cake.

The stand-out feature of Complete Cake is the fact that they are the direct distributor for many major brands in the country. The company imports directly, which means they can offer great pricing for various types of products covering every aspect of decorating a cake.

The warehouse also has a shop front open to the public Monday to Friday from 9 am to 5 pm and then on Saturday from 9 am to1 pm. However, if you live too far or don’t fancy taking the time to visit the store, the company can also courier the stuff you buy. The minimum freight charge is $6.60 for both local and small deliveries. So, not a bad deal, all things considered

Cakes Around Town


Cakes Around Town has been providing baking fans with the best quality supplies and at highly competitive prices. The company provides the most affordable cake decorations that don’t look anything like most other budget buys in Australia. You can buy cheap sugar icings, fondants, cupcake boxes, boards, etc.

Cakes Around Town sell literally thousands of products that are shipped across the country, including Adelaide. They boast of competitive same-day dispatch of your order if placed by 11 am on a weekday. Most times, you can expect to receive your order within a day or so.

When we compared prices, we found that Cakes Around Town was truly cheap. The few products we ordered for this review were also of excellent quality. Speaking of quality, the company also offers excellent customer service.

Skysies Cakes Decorations


The company began doing business over 10 years ago in 2009 and has since then taken off into becoming one of the most popular websites for all things cake decoration. Owned by Skye, a self-taught cake decorator, she has a passion for creating arts, and cakes happen to be something she enjoys eating and selling. However, that hobby of baking and decorating cakes soon became a lucrative business. Skye’s cakes are known for their excellent quality and attention to detail, not to mention that they are also super tasty.

In addition to baking cakes for clients from her home in Evanston Gardens, Adelaide, she is also willing to chat about her decorating supplies and partyware. She stocks an extensive range of products and offers buyers personal insights and advice, very useful for someone who is a newbie cake maker.
However, keep in mind that Skysies tends to sell quickly and she has limited dates that are free. Whether it is supplies or hiring her to make a cake, you’ll need to order in advance.

Caking Mad Supplies


Whether you want a simple cake or something more elaborate and beautiful Caking Mad has you covered. Not only does the company sell some of the best-tasting cakes, but they are also the go-to for all things cake decoration-related. Whether you are looking for cake stands, sprinkles, rustic wooden boards, single-tiered stands, or multi-tiered stands, they have them all. Stands can be hired online but with a deposit.

However, Caking Mad’s supplies are somewhat limited, so you might not find everything you want from one place. But they are worth looking into if you need something in a hurry.

​Whip-It-Up Cake Supplies


Whip-It-Up hasn’t been around as long as some of the other companies, but they do sell everything you’ll need to make and decorate a cake. They are a one-stop-shop for most types of cake supplies, including decoration.

The company’s customer service is excellent, and they help you find what you want if they have it. Most times, they will have what you are looking for; other times, they might not. So, make sure you call them.

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While we acknowledge that there are other great places to buy cake decorating supplies, the above is a great place to start searching. We strongly recommend that you always make sure that you have everything needed before you start baking a cake. If you’re doing it commercially, then you already have a source of high-quality supplies and may need to tap into the resources above occasionally if you need to replenish a few things quickly.