We’re all too familiar with the joy of baking, but what’s not fun is trying to find the right supplies. While Perth is arguably home to many of the companies that manufacture numerous cake decorating supplies, finding the right supplies and often ones of good quality can be challenging. Not to mention that finding supplies can become increasingly challenging right along the holiday season when everyone seems to have been bitten by the baking bug.

If you happen to be in Perth and tend to find it difficult, if not near impossible, to find the right types of cake decorating supplies that don’t blow your budget out of the water, then allow us to help you. We’ve listed some of the leading cake decoration suppliers that sell in Perth, offer competitive pricing, and often free home delivery.

Now that you know what we’re going to cover, let’s jump right into it.

Statewide Food Distributors

Website: https://www.statewidefood.com.au

Statewide Food Distributors happens to be one of the largest wholesale distributors of Cake Decorating Supplies. If you ever want to buy in bulk to save lots of money, buy from them. Not only are all their products very competitively priced but they are also of excellent quality.

Statewide Food Distributors is a family-owned Australian company that supports Australian manufacturers and suppliers, so you’ll find only Australian-made products here. However, that’s not to say that if a product isn’t manufactured in Australia, you will not find it; the company does source products not manufactured locally from abroad. The products sourced from abroad are from some of the leading brands in the US and Europe.

If you bake cakes for a living or run a bakery, the company also provides personalized service and can help by making sure that all the usual supplies you need are available. However, you’ll need to buy in a large enough quantity to get this special attention. Speaking of attention, Statewide Food Distributors offers excellent customer service and can even help occasional baking fans with the odd request for buttercream, chocolate products, fancy sprinkles, edible metallic paints, etc.

Baking Pleasures

Website: https://bakingpleasures.com.au

Baking Pleasures sells one of the widest selections of cake decorating supplies in Perth. While the company arguably does not have the best, most easy to navigate website, that’s made up for competitively priced, high-quality products. Baking fans will find products from a myriad of top brands in the industry, including some lesser-known ones. Whether it is sprinkles or metallic paint, they sell it all, and it’s competitively priced.

The company also runs promotions every now and then, which should give you an opportunity to save money. However, you’ll need to give them your email address so that Baking Pleasures can send you updates about their latest promotions. That being said, on the whole, most of their products are well priced.

My Delicious Cakes

Website: https://mydeliciouscakes.com.au

My Delicious Cakes specializes in all things cake decoration-related. The company is Perth’s premier cake decoration supplier with a significantly large inventory of items to choose from for buyers.

The company has a head cake decorator, Lyn, who has over 21 years of industry experience. If anything, the company makes their passion for baking and cakes instantly evident from their selection of items. Furthermore, My Delicious Cakes also regularly contributes to Australian charities like Channel Seven’s Telethon fundraiser, Red Cross, and the Cancer Foundation, amongst others. So, buyers know that they are also helping the company contribute to a good cause.

Cake Tinz N’ Things

Website: https://www.caketinznthingz.com.au

It is another family-owned business that’s based in the suburb of Balcatta. Cake Tinz N’ Things has been operating for over 30 years and has over the years proven to be the leading cake decorating store in the city but with one difference. The company focuses on making sure that customers have an excellent experience; they also carry a significantly large range of cake decorating supplies and various equipment for both novice and pros alike.

Cake Tinz N’ Things also bakes cakes for special occasions like weddings. The cakes are made to order and are amongst some of the best you can find. The same goes for their selection of cake decorations by leading brands.

Whether you are just starting on and maybe bake a few cakes a year or do it for a living, Cake Tinz N’ Things will have what you are looking for and most probably competitively priced.

Cakers Warehouse

Website: https://cakerswarehouse.com.au

Cakers Warehouse has been in operation for over six years, and the store has a passion for all things cake-related. The company has an extensive inventory of cake decorations by local and international brands. However, the company guarantees buyers are treated to some of the best stuff they can find in Australia.

Cakers Warehouse has grown from what was a small family-run business six years ago to one of the leading cake decorating stores in the country. If anything, the company’s growth is a testament to its ability to deliver on the promise of quality without compromises.

Speaking of compromises, Cakers Warehouse boasts of excellent customer service. Whether you have a question about one of their products or want to inquire about a bulk purchase, a friendly customer service representative is always willing to help.

We know from experience that searching for cake decorating supplies in Perth can be challenging. However, if you ever find yourself in a situation where you need supplies that are hard to find, the above is the perfect place to start. Many of the stores that have made it to our list ship for free if you order beyond a certain dollar amount. That said, the shipping fee for local deliveries isn’t a lot, so that’s not a deal-breaker.

We strongly suggest that, like with everything else, shop around to find the best deal in Perth. Maybe even call up the company to see if you can negotiate a better price for a bulk order.