While most people will head to their nearest costume store in Sydney to find the next best, scary outfit, the fact is that you don’t have to wait for Halloween to scare someone. In fact, there is always a reason to wear something eccentrically different, even if it is to ruin your flat mate’s study date.

Whether it is Halloween, your kids’ party or for any other reason we have a selection of the best costume hire in Sydney that you should check out when searching for a costume. While this isn’t by any means an exhaustive list, these are, in our opinion one of the first places to check out.

Snog The Frog

Location: Surry Hills, Sydney

Snog The Frog boasts of over 9,000 pieces of various costumes in their collection. You’ll find all manner of wacky and wonderful costumes, just as you’ll find the team working there. In fact, we’ll go so far as to say that speaking with the team and trying to pick out a costume is part of the experience.

Located in Surry Hills, Team Snog as they often refer to themselves will help you to find the perfect, wacky or scary costume for that matter. They also have makeup services complete with fake blood and teeth.

Some of our favourites include the Captain Planet costume that has a very 90s vibe that most kids nowadays wouldn’t understand. You can also choose to pose as Andy Warhol with his special costume.

Now if you are feeling lazy or have loads of other stuff that needs to be done, then the shop also delivers to your home. Make sure to check their selection online and hire the costume you want. Most delivers in Sydney are made within 24 hours.

The Costume Shop

Location: Waterloo, Sydney

The Costume Shop has a pretty long history of supplying costumes to the theatre and film industry. Located in Waterloo, this is the place to go if you want to hire a costume that will help you win the best costume award. Now if you are unsure what you want or what will stand out, then the pros at the shop are always more than helpful.

Furthermore, their incredible costume collection will help inspire you to think outside the box. While you’re getting inspired, you are also free to try out loads of accessories, their hair and makeup by the staff.

Interestingly they even have a Walter White costume from the hit series Breaking Bad, or you can choose one of their Oktoberfest costumes. While we are pretty sure that you’ll find what you’re looking for at The Costume Shop, make sure to book it ahead of time, especially if you’re hiring a costume for Halloween.

Dazzling Fancy Dress Costume Hire

Location: Yagoona, Sydney

Now if you are looking for an outfit that is almost guaranteed to impress, then a trip to Dazzling Fancy Dress Costume Hire should be in order. The store has fancy dresses for a myriad of party themes that cover everything from decade-old throwbacks to even Africa Soirees. In addition to a variety of sizes, they also have costumes in many different styles, and they have an alteration service on hand too. If anything, they appear to be eager and make sure that you look the best you can in that fancy outfit.

ABC Costume Hire

Location: Artarmon, Sydney

ABC Costume Hire has over 45,000 pieces of various costumes, and each one is meticulously curated of authentic costumes in the city. The interesting thing about ABC Costume Hire is that they also happen to be one of the go-to choices for TV and film studios who hire their costumes especially if they want something that’s otherwise hard to find.

In addition to regular costumes, they have historical pieces and contemporary choices too. If you want to show off your spirit for the country, then a Ned Kelly costume should get you in the right mood, or maybe choose a Queen Victoria costume. Their website has a complete list of costumes, which you can check out before heading on over to their store.

The Wardrobe

Location: 312A High Street, Chatswood, Sydney

The Wardrobe has been around for over twenty years, and over the years it has become the no.1 choice for Sydneysiders looking for the best quality wigs, costumes, accessories and props. Whether it is Halloween or a birthday party, we almost guarantee you’ll find quite a few things worth trying out.

However, The Wardrobe specializes in vintage pieces which are often one of a kind. While these pieces are expensive, they are worth wearing at least once. The staff on hand is friendly, and they are always more than happy to help you find an outfit that’s best suited to the occasion.

Sydney Costume Shop

Location: Shop 2, 10 Waratah Road, Engadine, Sydney

The shop is based in Southern Shire, but it has been supplying people with some of the best costumes that money can buy for over 30 years. The shop sources its pieces from across Australia with many coming from overseas. Furthermore, they have a pretty extensive range of costumes from which to choose. Though if you want something more bespoke, then the shop’s costume designers should be able to help you. We’ve read many reviews where the bespoke costumes were “out of this world” so they are worth a shot too.

Costume Box

Location: Online – servicing Sydney metro area

Now if you are looking for a costume in a hurry then Costume Box, should be what you choose. They have an excellent four-hour delivery window within Sydney and free next day delivery if you choose to hire over $75 worth of fancy dresses.

The shop is home to numerous adult and kiddie costumes, but they also have options for pets, including cats and dogs. So, you should be able to host your very own costume shindig.

You can also check out our guide on the best costume hire in Perth.

As you probably already know Sydney is home to dozens of costume hire stores. That being said not all stores are created equal that’s why if there is something in particular, you’re looking for these are the best costume hire in Sydney we think you should start by checking out.