An engagement party is a necessary and great way for you to celebrate getting engaged. This party shows your happiness to getting engaged to the one you love and gives a chance for you to let your friends and families know about it. During an engagement party your friends will be there and will be happy for you as well as both families will get the chance to meet each other which is great when uniting two families into one great family. There are many ways to plan out for the perfect engagement part and here we have some great advice on how to do so.

Choosing Who Will Be Hosting

It is usually tradition that the parents of the bride would host the engagement party but that not always followed as it is normally a choice for you to decide who will hold it. It can either be the parents of the bride or groom, the bride and groom themselves or even close family or friends. Anyone can plan out an engagement party and whichever you decide to go with is fine. Since it is usually tradition for the parents to host an engagement party you might want to run it by them if you have something else planned and you may even have more than one engagement party to let different people host it to make up for such decisions.

Decide When to Celebrate

Usually getting engaged is something you want to celebrate right away but if you are far from home or very busy with something at the current time there is nothing wrong with letting it wait for a little while. Picking out a date when to have your engagement party is important to make sure that everyone is available and setting a date further down the calendar can make sure people will be able to make time on that day to attend. Choose a date that is convenient for most as this will be best held on a day where people will have the time to make it to the party and enjoy it as well.

Pick Out Your Guests

When you decide on picking out your guests keep in mind that they will be at the wedding as well so make sure you discuss this with your partner or with the person that will be throwing the engagement party. Be sure to invite those closest to you and if you are unsure how many people to invite, check with the host or talk to your partner about it. Begin by selecting those closest to you such as family, best friends and so on.

Decide On a Location

Depending on how big or small you intend for your party to be, it is important that you choose the right venue which should also go well with your theme if you have one. You can choose to have a formal or informal engagement party and choose venues such as ballrooms, gardens, hotels and even celebrate it at a fine dining restaurant, at the beach or at home. Pick a venue that you and your partner will enjoy and decide on it while keeping certain things in mind such as the amount of people you are inviting, the distance to the venue, your interests and taste and more.

When choosing a venue, check any applicables rules or restrictions which may be in place. Sally from Classic Party Hire notes that with some venues they will only allow you to use their decorations or certain providers, and the same can also apply to catering, alcohol etc.

Sending Out Invitations

It is traditional to send out invitations that have been designed and printed out and you can choose this as an option. You may send these to your guests in many ways by mail, courier or even hand them out yourself with the help of your partner, family and friends. Online invitations are convenient as well since you have limitless designs to choose from and this can be a convenient way to send them. There are many online invitation services or even online invitation making sites you can use to create your very own invitation design to send to your guests.

Registry for Gifts

Some people love to give gifts but remember they can be given on both the engagement party as well as the wedding. It is not mandatory for gifts to be given but in the event that people will want to get the bride and groom gifts, completing the registry for this will allow them to have options on what to choose, especially if they can’t decide on a gift to get the bride and groom. This gives them both options and ideas in the even that they decide on purchasing gifts to give at the engagement party.

Pick What Food Will Be Served

Decide on what food you will be serving which can be suggested depending on what venue you have chosen. For restaurants you can pick out a great set of meals or have a catering service, beach or backyard parties can have cookouts. Depending on what venue you have chosen and what time of the day you decide to have your engagement party, you can plan out a great menu. If you tend to serve wine or beer, then it’s good to pick out the right food to compliment it.

Choose Your Outfit

Your outfit should be appropriate and match the venue and them of your engagement party so picking out the right thing to wear can be easy. For parties indoor you can go for a lovely dress and for outdoor parties you can go for something a little more casual but formal at the same time. Make sure that what your wearing is complimented by what your partner is wearing and don’t be afraid to pick out something extra ravishing as it is your party and you deserve to shine. If you are unsure what to wear start with white or move towards another bright color.


Whether you are having one or more engagement party, its best to be sure to check that everything is all set and that you have gone through all the details with whoever is hosting them. Be sure that you are comfortable with the venue and that you invite everyone that you want to be at the wedding and most importantly make sure that you will have fun at the party. Engagement parties are meant to be fun and memorable so it’s best to go with which kind of engagement party best suits you and your partner.