Frangipani Cakes

Frangipani Cakes is a family business that has been serving delicious cakes in Brisbane for 10 years. Specialising in celebratory cakes, toppers, cupcakes and cake pops, they are able to personalise their designs to you to create something unique and special. From the attention to detail in the cake’s design to the precise selection of high quality ingredients, the team at Frangipani Cakes is dedicated to creating masterfully decorated cakes.

Address: Callabonna Street, Westlake, QLD 4074

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Sweetums are a Brisbane based business, focus on crafting exquisitely decorated cakes for their clients to adore. Featuring their signature sugar flowers which are handmade with exceptional attention to detail, the only way you’ll know they aren’t real is by touching or eating them. The sky is the limit with Sweetums, they will work with you to design a cake that has been refined to reflect your style and personality.

Address: Kenmore East, QLD 4069

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Cake That!

Cake That! has been baking cakes for events and occasions for over 10 years in Brisbane. With experience as a professional chef transferring over to basking, you can rest assured that your cake is going to taste and look divine. Cake That! prides itself in baking everything from scratch with high quality, handpicked ingredients to create extraordinary cakes.

Address: Farrington Street, Alderley, QLD 4051

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Deliberately Delicious

It’s all in the name, Deliberately Delicious create amazing cakes that are designed and crafted with over 25 years of experience. They love baking cakes for celebratory events, with lots of customers coming back to celebrate future milestone events with a Deliberately Delicious cake being served. Watch your ideas for your cake become a delicious reality.

Address: Caxton Street, Petrie Terrace, QLD 4000

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Cakes by Renee

Cakes by Renee provide a unique collaborative experience to customers, resulting in completely unique cakes each time. Specialising in custom designed celebratory cakes for weddings and events, they understand how important baking from scratch and incorporating high quality ingredients is when creating the perfect cake. With strict adherence to their high standards, Cakes by Renee guarantee that you’re proud of the cake they design for you.

Address: Brookwater, QLD 4300

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