Belle Bakes

Belle Bakes is home to the most delicious and beautiful wedding cakes and occasion cakes. All of their cakes are custom designed and tailored to the theme of the wedding and the personality of the couple. They ensure that all of their cakes are beautifully soft and full of flavour by only using fresh, high quality ingredients in their baking. With countless years of experience and knowledge in the industry, Cake Connoisseur know how to provide quality customer service as well as extravagant wedding cakes for Sydney couples.

Address: North Shore, NSW

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Sweet Connoisseur

Sweet Connoisseur is a wedding cake and handmade chocolate business, personally servicing clients throughout Sydney with over 30 years of experience behind them. With serious attention to detail and creativity, their signature sugar iced cakes cakes are one of a kind when it comes to both flavour and presentation. Combining rich flavours, exquisite designs and refined baking techniques, Sweet Connoisseur will craft a cake for your friends and family to enjoy on your special day.

Address: Wahroonga, NSW 2076

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JK Cake Designs

JK Cake Designs is a bakery in Sydney that specialises in catering for weddings. They understand that a wedding cake should reflect your signature style, whether that is reflected through a beautiful yet rustic cake, or a cake that has classic charm. JK Cake Designs have a passion for designing, baking and decorating cakes which really shines in the quality of their bespoke wedding cakes.

Address: Sydney, NSW 2000

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Sugar Princess

Sugar Princess is a boutique patisserie that specialises in the creation of high quality, custom designed cakes for weddings and similar celebrations. They prioritise baking cakes that both taste delicious and look stunning, understanding that an extraordinary cake can really bring people together when celebrating something special. Sugar Princess bake everything from scratch with fresh, quality ingredients using recipes they have perfected with years of experience and dedication.

Address: 26/261 Condamine Street, Manly Vale, NSW 2095

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Greenberg & Co Cakes

A Sydney based boutique cake studio, Greenberg & Co Cakes stand out from others in the industry with their decadent vegan and gluten free cakes. With a perfected blend of ingredients to create their unique cake flour as well as other alternative ingredients, they craft vibrant and delectable cakes that taste just as good as traditional ones. By using fresh, locally sourced ingredients, Greenberg & Co Cakes are able to support local business, practice sustainability and provide you with perfect cake.

Address: 2/144 Norton Street, Leichhardt, NSW 2040

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