Top 5 Wedding Tips for 2019

You’re now engaged. Congratulations! Now, it’s time to plan your wedding. Whether you still don’t have anything in mind on what your wedding should look like, or you’re the kind of bride who already had that wedding book you’ve been keeping since you were 16 years old, keep in mind that planning your wedding is not like a piece of cake.

If you want an intimate and extravagant wedding, making decisions about your wedding is exciting but, can be a little bit daunting. No matter how many times everyone tells you that you should do what you and your man wants, it will be very hard not to consider what the in-laws would think, or who your parents expect you to invite to your wedding. Whatever type of wedding you want, it’s important to constantly remind yourself that at the end of the day, no matter what drama you may encounter – you and your husband should be the happiest of all. You could wear a brown paper bag and those people who love you shouldn’t care.

Here’s 5 tips that can help you, beautiful brides out there put together your wedding.

  1. Consider first what matters to you.

This goes to the top of the list because, let’s face it, most brides get overwhelmed on what they want their wedding to look like, what they want to happen during, and how to make everyone happy. No wedding, big or small, never hits a wall. There will always be a problem, whether the flowers you want is not available for the season, the DJ or band you want to play is not available on your day, or your bridesmaids couldn’t decide on what they should wear on your wedding, you have to stick to what is important to you. Is it the food menu? Perhaps the location where you want the wedding to take place. Whatever it may be, focus on it and don’t let the other things ruin it for you.

  1. Remember who you are and your husband-to-be.

Some like big, extravagant weddings with fireworks to close the event, while some want a serene and intimate wedding. Some want a classic and traditional wedding, while there are a few who wants to go against what is usual. All of these are good. If you want a wedding inspired by your favorite movie or tv series, why not? If you want it simple or eccentric, go for it! The main idea is that you and your fiance create a sense of who you are as a couple. So, if you want a GOT meets Harry Potter themed wedding, again – why not?

  1. Figure out the budget and stick to it.

Usually, it’s the father of the bride who pays for the wedding. Nowadays, it’s a shared cost arrangement. Sometimes it still involves parents but, there are some couples today that chooses to pay for their own wedding without any help from either party. Whoever is paying for the wedding expenses, the key is to identify a budget and try your hardest to stick to it. There’s absolutely no need to go overboard. Let’s be real, after the wedding, there are still things that will need your attention; Like buying a house. You wouldn’t want to spend all your money on your wedding alone, do you?

  1. Book a good photographer.

Everybody can’t say it enough. Nothing will go smoothly as you want it. Whatever small slip-up that you think will happen on your big day, most of it wouldn’t matter after. What will matter are the memories of that day. And what better way to remind you of that than the pictures? So what if the centerpiece and flowers are not what you asked? If the photographer is as good as you expect them to be, the error on the caterer’s end will not matter. If it suddenly rained, your photographer may be creative enough and still get you stunning and dreamy photos. Remember, a wedding on a budget should never be a problem for a photographer with a creative mind.

  1. Delegate wedding tasks.

There’s absolutely no reason for you to take all the wedding planning alone. Whether you have a clear plan in mind or not, with or without a wedding coordinator, you need someone to help you. At the start of the planning, list down all the things you and your fiance need to do, and then delegate. You have your best guys and gals as well, they will be happy enough to help you with your wedding. If you need to emphasize the target date, do it super gently as possible.

They say that couples should always be in sync with each other, should know what the other wants without saying it. It is the ideal image that everyone has, unfortunately, that doesn’t happen all the time. So, another bonus wedding tip is to talk. Talk about what you both want for your wedding and just do it. What matters is you’re getting married – savor it!