After your wedding you might be planning on travelling for your honeymoon and a lot of choices may come to mind. Choosing the right place is ideal to enjoying a great honeymoon getaway. Here are the top destinations you can go to for your honeymoon.


Known for its beautiful stories of mythology and structures that are beautifully built, Greece offers a lot of beautiful destinations for newlyweds to see and enjoy. Newlyweds may enjoy the beautiful views and white-washed architecture in Santorini, unwind and enjoy the beautiful beach in Kefalonia or enjoy the old town of Monemvasia which for a more historical experience.


If you’re looking for exotic food, culture and a calm honeymoon escape then Malaysia is a great place with its beautiful beaches, island paradises and hilly rainforests. Malaysia has become very popular recently with its many attractions and getaway locations such as Penang which is famous for its beautiful sights such as the Penang Hill and Bali for some of the most beautiful and well known romantic hotels and resorts.


Full of over 13,000 tropical islands and a lot of beaches to enjoy, Indonesia offers a lot of destinations where you may enjoy soaking at a beach or tanning in the sun, visiting ancient temples and exploring beautiful rain forests. Indonesia has some of the most popular places to go to such as Bali which gives the experience of beautiful wildlife and temples, the Togean Islands for a relaxation at white sandy beaches and stunning underwater scenery and the Gili Islands for their well-known overwater villas which are truly some of the most romantic places to stay.


Well known for being a country that is traditional and cultured, Japan offers a lot to experience such as the city of Tokyo which is beautiful in the evening and offers great 5 star hotels, the peaceful city of Kyoto which is an ancient city and offers a beautiful historical atmosphere, the Fuji five lakes for those who want to go out and explore nature and get a beautiful view and Hida-Takayama for those who would like a much closer connection to the culture and roots of Japan.


Culturally rich and filled with landscapes that are full of diversity, Morocco offer a lot of places for you to stay. Deciding to head to Morocco will give you the pleasure of witnessing the beautiful city of Casablanca filled with beautiful architecture and wonderful sights to see, Fez which is home of some of the most romantic places to stay including the Karawan Riad that is well known for being a very exquisite place to stay along with many things to view.

St. Lucia

As a beautiful Caribbean place to go to, St. Lucia offer a lot of moments for romance with its beautiful sceneries and their newly added features such as luxury resorts and spas. There are several beaches to stay at as well as activities to do such as snorkelling and hiking at Pigeon Island, enjoying the beaches and harbors along with the nightlife at Rodney Bay and even exploring the town of Soufriere that also give you access to nearby parks and beautiful nature spots.


As a country of some of the most unique and catchy music along with beautiful scenario and architecture all around, there’s a lot to do in Ireland. You can spend explore the city of Dublin well known for its castle as well as its beautiful museums, the extravagant harbour city of Galway full of wonderful shops and traditional pubs and even stay in the luxurious Dromoland Castle in County Clare.


For a those who enjoy the beauty of a different climate as well as the beautiful natural landscapes and even some of the most famous geothermal spas around, Iceland offers a new experience for those who seek it as their destination. Newlyweds may enjoy the beautiful view of the night sky and with withnes the Aurora Borealis at the Night Light Inn at town of Grindavik or have a lovely experience with one of the best spawns in the world along with delicious fine dining near the Blue Lagoon.


If you are seeking a beautiful vacation-like honeymoon, the Maldives is wonderful getaway with its beautiful scenario, places to stay and not to mention the crystal clear blue water. A lot of beaches and resorts are available for those who love to enjoy the relaxation and adventures such as Maafushi with its beautiful beach hotels, Meeru island and their lovely overwater resorts as well as many other similar places to stay for a perfect getaway.

Sri Lanka

Those seeking an approach to beautiful wildlife and nature as well as beaches to relax at then Sri Lanka is a great place to go for your honeymoon. Sri Lanka offers some of the most beautiful naturistic places to go to such as Habarana which has beautiful parks and wildlife to explore, the cultural city of Kandy that features beautiful botanical gardens, amazing forest reserves and ancient locations such as the Temple of the Tooth.

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A great way to spend your honeymoon is at a destination that is peaceful, romantic and has a great feel when it comes to culture and ambience. These places offer not only excellent sights to see and places to stay but also a lot of adventure that you and your loved one may experience. Having the perfect getaway is easy when you figure out which destination best suits your interests and what kind of getaway you would enjoy.