How to make your wedding day a success

Your big day is important, and so is making sure it goes off without a hitch. Here’s a few tips from experts in the field on how to make sure you make the most of your day.

Order with your suppliers early

There’s a lot to organise when planning a wedding – and with a date set it can feel like you’re running out of time. No matter what though – you should plan to have the essentials booked in atleast 4 months before the big day – flowers, venue, cake and celebrant. Here’s a few tips from industry members on minimum deadlines:

Flowers – Todich Floral Design recommends giving your florist at least 3 months notice for any booking – whilst generally the purchase order of stock doesn’t take much time, assembling centrepieces, corsages and bouquets can take up consider labour and staff levels can get maxed out quickly. Alternatively Flowers24Hours notes you can use pre-set designers online who can provide shorter notice – which can make for a great backup or if you want to have a simple design completed with minimal fuss.

Dress – The Knot recommends ordering your dress at least 9 months before the big day. Dress manufacture is notoriously slow and can require significant alteration – ensure you leave spare time to factor in delays.

Cake – Wedding Cakes Australia surveyed over 25 wedding cake designers, and has found that the average lead time is at least 4 weeks for a cake, preferably 8 weeks to ensure you can use your preferred supplier.

Party Favours/Hens Gifts – Depending on your supplier, it’s best to leave 4 weeks notice. Suppliers like The Wristband Co offer same day delivery for some locations, or next day delivery to most of Australia for their party based products, but most suppliers aim for atleast a week delivery to be safe.

You can book a virtual appointment with The Sposa Group Bridal Shop to comfort and make easier your journey on searching for your dream wedding dress.

Have a backup

Mistakes happen – sometimes a supplier or provider instrumental to your wedding might fall through and you need to come up with an alternative. Whether it’s your celebrant, wedding cake maker or florist – if something goes wrong, it’s great to have an alternative plan in case. This can be as simple as knowing other local suppliers, but if you do need to use a different supplier move fast – as your other options may book out early and leave you high and dry on your special day.

Don’t over commit

Your big day is important – arguably one of the most important in your life – but sometimes you don’t want to put too much into the one day. Sometimes less if more, so leave space in your day just to relax and take in the entirety of the event. Not only does this mean you can stay relaxed through the day, it will also give you spare time if the schedule blows out.

Stick to your budget

The most common mistake couples make is to fail to stick to their budget. Invariably a budget is made, only to be exceeded by 10%, 20% or greater. It’s understandable that you’d want to make your day as special as possible and want to spare no expense, but it’s still important to show financial restraint. What is in the end only one day of the start of married life together, the last thing you want to do is have your wedding cause significant financial burden to your relationship for years to come. Not only that it’s important to maintain a buffer – by sticking to your budget you can be sure that if an emergency comes up, you’ll still be able to have your day complete as planned without worrying about the finances.