The day we get married is one of the most important days of our life and this means a lot to not only just the bride and groom, but also to their family and friends. Some of the most important people will be there on the day of the wedding and for the bride, there will be bridesmaids not just to support but also attends to the bride. Bridesmaids put a lot of effort and dedicate a lot of time to be there for the bride during several steps from preparation to the ending and this is something very meaningful to the bride since they commit themselves as bridesmaids and are there for the bride before, during and even after the wedding.

In some places, there is a tradition where the bride would take the time to give a gift to show her thanks and appreciation to the bridesmaids. Until this day this tradition has been followed by many families and this is not just about tradition but it is a great way to show the appreciation of everything the bridesmaids do. Bridesmaids are usually family or close friends and who else better to have with us on our special day than people that cherish and care about us. Because of this it would be a good gesture to give them a gift to say thanks.

Why Are You Giving A Bridal Gift

A bridesmaid does a lot to help you have the best wedding as possible, especially if you are the closets of family or friends that there ever was. Of course you want to say thank you in some way as this is probably the most important day of your life and some do consider it. Aside from it being a tradition, giving the bridesmaids gifts is a great way to show your appreciation for them being there to support you, assist you and help make your wedding an amazing one.

What Kind Of Gift Should You Give

You want this to be meaningful to them just as meaningful your wedding is to you and of course they will have done a lot of effort in order to help make things the best they can be so if you plan on getting them gifts try to make it as special as you can. Don’t just buy a few of the same gift and send them around like party freebies, instead think about the person, think what would be a gift that could suit them. They are giving their time to help you with your special day so it would be nice to give them something as thanks and probably something they would remember the day by as well.

Since the bridesmaids are usually those that are close to you, it’s very likely that you will know what they are interested in, what they want or what they need. This should allow you to at least prepare. Usually during preparations if you notice them talking a lot about something, or if you’re at the mall and they can’t stay away from a shop. It would probably be good to start there. Remember, you choosing out a nice gift is both meaningful and will be good for remembrance.

Unique or personalised gifts can make great options, and it doesn’t have to cost the world. Fun little ideas can include personalised homewares like sequin pillows which don’t have to cost the world, whilst being memorable and visible in their lives for years after.

How And When Should You Give The Gifts

The way you give the gifts shows a lot of how you appreciate them and this has a huge impact on friendship, love and closeness between you and your bridesmaids. Usually the gifts would be presented during the rehearsal dinner, this way it won’t take up any time during your special day. You can begin by starting with a toast, grab the attention of everyone in the room. You want them all to hear what you have to say and the bridesmaids will definitely love this as it is you not only telling everyone how much you appreciate them but also showing people that you care about them just as they care about.

Make sure to have a good speech prepared and address them in a proper manner, remember they are not just some random crew, they are some of the closest friends or family you have and on your special day they will bear witness to it so it’s best to make everything as memorable as possible.

Bridesmaids play an important role during weddings as they are there for the bride and may even cry along with her. On the day of the wedding they will officially be some of the closest people in the bride’s life due to them being there during preparation and on the day of the wedding itself. That effort they put in for your special day deserves a great thank you and what better way to say it than show it and announce it.